Identifying and helping to address hidden weaknesses in your organisation’s security

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing, or pentesting, is a form of ethical cyber security assessment that seeks to identify, safely exploit and help to remediate vulnerabilities across computer systems, applications and websites. By utilising the same tools and techniques used by cyber adversaries, pen testing replicates the conditions of a genuine attack.

Commissioning a penetration test enables organisations to reduce security risk and provide assurance into the security of their IT estates, by mitigating weaknesses before they can be maliciously exploited.


Common security vulnerabilities

Some vulnerabilities just can’t be detected by automated software tools. By identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities that evade automated online scanning assessments, and providing clear help and advice to remediate issues, Blockchain Labs ethical hacking and security penetration testing services enable you to understand and significantly reduce your organisation’s cyber security risk.

Why your organisation needs a pen test

With threats constantly evolving, it’s recommended that every organisation commissions penetration testing at least once a year, but more frequently when:

  • Making significant changes to infrastructure
  • Preparing for compliance with security standards
  • Undergoing a business merger or acquisition
  • Bidding for large commercial contracts
  • Utilising and/or developing custom applications
  • Launching new products and services

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